Cavities are rotting tooth structures that is not reversible and it is removed by using a bur that will drill the infected part away. The tooth structure taken out will be replaced by certain kinds of materials. If the cavity treatment won’t be able to accomplished in one day, then the dentist will put a temporary filling to cover the cavity preparation. Cavities and dental caries are one of the most common dental diseases that people experience.  

It is also more seen in kids than adults because of the difference in eating habits and the knowledge about dental hygiene. It is best to try and treat these dental diseases early on because it will painless and quick. Waiting for it to grow will give you a harder time in the dental chair depending on the severity of your case. One sign of cavities is having bad breath constantly. Cavities is the start of a decaying tooth and if you leave it untreated then there will be foul odor coming from it.  

If you know it to yourself that you brush twice a day, floss every time, and finish it off with rinsing with mouthwash. Then I think should have yourself checked because there may be a decayed tooth that has a little hole that is spreading the foul odor. You can actually do a self-examination to see if you have any existing dental caries. You can get a clean dental explore and with the tip of it try to go through the areas of your teeth carefully. A healthy tooth should have smooth surfaces, but experiencing a catch while exploring could mean that you have dental caries on that tooth. 

Tooth sensitivity is also another sign of dental cavities and it often may be a severe case. If you drink cold or hot water and experience pain that lasts for more than 5 seconds, it could mean that you have a decayed tooth. This is because the tooth structures that serve as defense and prevent sensitivity has died out. When water comes in contact with the tooth it is the dental pulp that gets affected right away. This is another self-examination you can try out in your own home. If you can get a mouth mirror, or try to have a picture taken off your teeth occlusal surface. If you see dark areas in your teeth, then those could possibly mean deep seated cavities.  

 Also, if those areas are sensitive to sweets and cold temperature, then the chances are even greater you have a deceased tooth. When you are undergoing treatment for dental caries and cavities, the dentist will try to shave off as little tooth structure as they can. Their part of the job is to promote the preservation of tooth structure because they are aware of the reality that teeth do not grow back like hair does. Also, the tooth structure that is left will act as great foundation for the fillings that will cover the holes in your tooth. You can also go to a cosmetic dentistry practitioner to have a tooth implant in case the damage is severe.