For most pet owners, having a large lawn would be very beneficial. This is the chance that the pet or the dogs would enjoy running around the area. This can let them feel that they have the freedom to do whatever they want inside that enclosed space. Of course, you need to consider the possible maintenance this time, as most of them would pee or poo anywhere on the lawn. This can be very hard to notice as well and to clean at the same time.   


This is the reason why others would like to choose turf or fake grass for dogs. This can help them maintain the place well, and there won’t be any hard time to think about since these are fake grasses. Most people now wonder about the benefits of this one since they can see all over the media the importance of turf for homeowners. It would help if you remembered that it is always about your preference and which one you would like to see on your property. For others, they feel that they can see a better result with these turfs.   

There could be some dangers as well. Even we say that our pets are just inside our property or around the lawn only. You don’t know what is on the lawn and the things that they can smell and eat there. Others would think of installing a fence since they are scared that their dogs would go away or would be able to meet accidents and dangers if they are out of the property perimeter. But you need to know that there could be more problems and troubles that you could see and encounter because of the lawn.   

Having the natural type of grass can bring dangers to them, especially when you decided to use some pesticides for the insects and pests in the lawn. You need to know that those plants and grass are the main reason why we have some pests. Most of them would like to stay and hibernate in a wet and moist area of the lawn. This will be scary for those owners, especially when the dogs lick or taste that pesticide from the plants. This is the difference between having the turf as you don’t need to maintain the grass with a spray.   

If your pets are always playing in the lawn and field, then there is a higher chance for ticks and fleas to infest them. You would notice this one once that they keep themselves scratching and scratching. It is nice that you will always shower them with anti-flea and tick soap. This can lead to the different parasites in their body. There are types of grass and seeds that these dogs can egg and may cause some fur to skin irritation and problem. This will be another expense as you need to bring them to the vet.